Disable Basic Auth prompt


Is there a way to disable the HTTP Basic Auth prompt from Kee? We have a corporate system that will pop up the dialog to select a password for basic auth response, but if you click cancel it will then pop up again for the next asset on the page. If you don’t immediately login with valid credentials you can end up with hundreds of open dialogs from Kee.


It’s not possible to disable it I’m afraid.

Depending on your specific needs, you might find that automatically submitting the credentials is helpful - set the option “When Kee finds only one matching network login (e.g. HTTP Auth), automatically login” and make sure that the URL match configuration for each relevant entry is strict enough to limit the list of options presented from KeePass to Kee.


Yeah, configuring automatic submissions isn’t going to work because if the credentials are wrong or it chooses the wrong entry then it is going to make hundreds of failed login attempts.

Can we have a feature request to be able to control the HTTP Basic Auth prompts and submissions better? Maybe an option to enable/disable, and choose how many times the prompt is shown?