Different same versions?


I’m asking out of curiosity: I’m using Kee on several Firefox installations. My question refers to

“Home installation”: FF 59.0.2-64b with Kee
“Office Installation”: FF 59.0.2-64b with Kee

… all in German. On both machines Kee is installed an the “more”-Link inside the add-on list leads to the (identical) Kee versions of but (not identical) descriptions pages.

Office version:
grafik […] grafik

vs. Home Version:
grafik […] grafik

See - identical Kee versions, but different logos, different last-updated dates, different homepage info and different ratings.

Why is that? Does that mean anything?


Hi Philipp,

This looks like a bug with the Firefox addons manager. Mozilla might be able to shed more light on the issue or advise how to resolve it. It looks as though your home version has cached some old information about the add-on and then got confused when trying to display it on the screen (defaulting to the current date perhaps because the stored date is missing or invalid, and what I assume is a “broken image” placeholder because the screenshot for the old version is no longer available on the Mozilla Firefox servers).

I would expect that Resetting your Firefox user profile will make the problem go away but if this is the only glitch you’re experiencing with Firefox, that might be a bit too much of an effort to bother with at the moment.

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Thanks for the info - as said, just curious, no need for effort. :slight_smile: