Deleting/Uninstalling/Removing Kee Vault software

Kee web browser extension (add-on)

Follow the current procedure for your web browser. Typically it only take a mouse click or two.

Kee Vault app

On some devices you may have added Kee Vault to your home screen or otherwise created some type of shortcut/bookmark to the Kee Vault web app. Remove these shortcuts and installed apps using whatever mechanism your device normally offers for this task and refer to your device manufacturer for further advice if it is not clear how to do this.

Kee Vault service and data

To protect you from short-term email account compromise leading to a permanent loss of your password data, it is impossible to entirely delete Kee Vault accounts on demand. Instead, you need to request the cancellation of your subscription on This stops further payments being taken when you current subscription is next due for renewal and your personal data will be deleted per our ToS and Privacy Statement.

If you are in a free trial period and have yet to add payment details to your account, there is no need to request the cancellation of your subscription, although you may wish to do so in order to reduce the number of “Warning! Your important passwords will be deleted soon” emails that you receive in the coming weeks.

Your password data is always protected by your master password, even after you request the cancellation of your account subscription. There is no need to take any steps to protect your password data. If it makes you feel better you might consider changing your master password to something hundreds of characters long that even you don’t know but as long as you have used a secure enough master password in the first place, there is no reason that this extra step would ever be required.

KeePassRPC plugin

The KeePassRPC plugin can be uninstalled in the same way as uninstalling any KeePass plugin - just close KeePass, find the KeePassRPC.plgx file in the KeePass program folder on your computer and delete it.


Not a Kee Vault product but related none-the-less so it’s worth us mentioning that uninstalling this program from your desktop computer is a matter of following the usual process for uninstalling any other program. For additional help, check out the KeePass website.

Unsubscribing from emails

Again, not strictly related to the topic of this page but if you’re clearing out all signs of Kee Vault you might also want to unsubscribe from email notifications.

Different emails will have different ways to unsubscribe depending upon when and where you agreed to receive them in the first place. We’ll try to expand this information into a more complete source of information in future but until that can be done, look at the bottom of each email you receive in order to find out how to go about this task. Remember that you can’t opt-out of some important emails until your Kee Vault subscription is destroyed as per our ToS and Privacy Statement (naturally these will be rare and specific in nature rather than general marketing messages and we apologise in advance if these cause a minor inconvenience but since your security is the top priority we must make no exceptions).