Deleting matched entries

I have many matched login entry choices for websites and wish to clear out and store them using the “exact” setting. I have gone into keevault and deleted all matching entries, saved, closed the browser (firefox) re-opened and when I go to the site I deleted I am still given a keevault login entry choice when nothing is showing in the data base. How do I get rid of these?

Update: When logging in to a site I deleted from my database (although still showing old matched login entry which has incorrect username and no password), I do not have the option to save the latest login info when clicking on the Vault key symbol in the browser. All of this old matching login data is stored somewhere. This is very confusing

A couple of possibilities spring to mind:

  1. If you have both Kee Vault and KeePass connected to Kee at the same time, you might be seeing entries from the other password manager.
  2. Are the entries entirely deleted? Entries that get deleted into the recycle bin should become invisible to the browser extension and that’s the behaviour I see but perhaps there is a bug somewhere that means they are still visible even after you have deleted the entry? You could test that theory by permanently deleting an entry from the recycle bin

As for not being asked to save the password, for occasional websites that can just be because the site does not support that feature but in most cases it would indicate that an entry with the same username and password is already saved. Obviously the latter situation is most likely in this situation given the issue you’re describing.

Thanks for the reply. I went into the recycle bin and deleted old entries and found that I no longer received those matched logins as options; thanks

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I am still seeing deleted entries in the BIN being visible in the browser extension. Can you fix this? I am using Firefox.