Deleted entries in Bin are also matched

I am using Kee Vault, but I think this is happening on the Kee extension.

Deleted entries that still exist in the bin directory in Kee Vault are still matched as valid logins by Kee Extension.

This is somewhat confusing because auto-filling would be still populated into the web page, but when searching for it in Kee Vault it wouln’t show in the search results unless I click on Bin first.

I think it is more intuitive to ignore the login entries on the Bin directory so they are not triggered/shown as login options.


They should already be ignored, and for me on Kee Vault and KeePass, they are.

Do you definitely only have a single group called “Bin”? And does pressing delete on an entry definitely put that entry into the “Bin” you see or are you drag/dropping items into the “Bin”?

If the group is definitely behaving like the bin should within Kee Vault, we might have to export the data and inspect in KeePass, or even in its raw XML format in order to try to work out what’s going on and whether the kdbx file has become corrupted in some way, and how and when that might have happened.