Delete this account

I don’t know how to delete this forum account. I don’t want it, and “Turning off email preferences” is not an acceptable alternative, thanks.

With the Discourse forum software that @luckyrat uses here, the software automatically removes the option to self-delete your account as soon as you make a post, in order to maintain the integrity of threads. Administrators have to manually do the deletions (or anonymize the data).

Since he’s running everything himself, he may not see individual threads like this as quickly, I would PM him direct, and I’m sure he’ll take care of it for you.

Yeah, the last time I checked the anonymisation process is something I have to initiate so the best way is via a PM to me. It won’t be any faster than posting publicly like this but at least it keeps the noise down for other users.

I will now anonymise the account of the OP above so if you’re still subscribed to emails at this stage, this will be the last one that you get.