Customise appearance and behaviour with settings / options / preferences

Customisation areas

Because there are multiple apps involved in the complete Kee password management experience, there are a few important places to look when you want to configure your experience. While this allows for some powerful customisation features it might take a little bit of thought to determine where to look for the setting you need. The guide below will help you decide where to look for the setting you want to change.

The first section applies to everyone that uses the desktop browser extension and the rest are specific to whether you are using Kee Vault or KeePass as your password management app.

Kee browser extension

When you want to make a change that will affect the way that you interact with your passwords in your web browser, you should look in the Kee options tab. You can get to this from the main Kee button or the standard Options/Preferences button in your browser extensions management tab.

You can change things like whether Kee auto-fills sign-in forms, offers to save new sign-ins or entirely ignores certain forms.

Some settings can be configured for specific websites but by default the settings will apply to every website and every entry that Kee finds in your password Vault / database.

The changes here typically apply to an individual web browser so you’ll need to manually apply the same changes to each browser that you use unless you are a Kee Vault subscriber - Kee Vault synchronises these settings automatically across all of your browsers.

Kee Vault

General Settings

Types of changes you can make here: Application appearance and auto-lock time.

Your Kee Vault Settings

Accessed by clicking on the name of your Kee Vault (bottom left corner).

Types of changes you can make here: Default settings for new entries, security of stored data, version history, behaviour of the Kee browser extension.

You can also import and export Kee Vault data from this area.

Entry Browser settings

Accessed by clicking the link in the Browser Settings field.

Types of changes you can make here: Change when the Kee browser extension matches the entry and how it behaves when a match is found.

Entry Browser form settings

Accessed by clicking the link underneath each form field when you are in editing mode for that field.

Types of changes you can make here: Information to help the Kee browser extension identify which form field on the web page should be filled with the information in this field.


Database Settings

Look here for options which affect the behaviour of the KeePass database. The Kee tab contains ways to adjust the default behaviour of entries. Most other database settings are described in the KeePass documentation since they are not directly related to Kee.

“Edit entry” dialog

When you want to make changes to the way a particular website/username/password behaves you should look in the Kee tab on the “Edit entry” dialog in KeePass. You can get to this from the main KeePass application or by right clicking on a login on the Kee browser extension panel.

“Edit group” dialog

The Kee tab in this dialog allows you to view and set the Home group.

KeePassRPC (Kee) Options

Controls how clients like the Kee browser extension can connect to KeePass.

Further information

We do not document all of the individual customisation options available to you because they are always changing and we instead focus our efforts on ensuring that every option is self-explanatory (or in rare cases where it is not clear, the impact of trying out the change yourself is not serious and is easily reversible).

Please let us know if there are particular options that are either unclear or difficult to find but be aware that we probably won’t be able to offer individual advice on where/how/why to change a specific setting you are seeking.

If it is hard to find how to change a particular behaviour, please first understand the information above about where to look for specific types of settings.