Corresponding connection list does not show the entry for the active url


I have check the topics and could not find something related to my problem.

Since some time, I face a strange behaviour with Kee. Instead of showing the right entry according to the url when it exists in keepass, I have a list of entries pertaining to the main domain. For instance, I have a NAS with a DNS server and a reverse proxy to solve all the domains created from my main domain “ndd” like “music.ndd”, “video.ndd”, “card.ndd”, “router.ndd”, etc…
If I ask for “music.ndd”, not only this entry is shown but it is coming with a big list of entries related to the main domain “ndd”.
While annoying, this would be OK if the list includes all the corresponding entries, which is not the case.
I have created a new entry in keepass for a new service called “monitor.ndd”. When I ask for “monitor.ndd” in Firefox, I still have a big list of entries related to ndd, but none of them concerns this new entry ! The only issue is to copy/past from keepass to the firefox fields…
Is there something to do in the settings or elsewhere to limit the list to the exact URL if exist ?
Thank you for your help.

Is ndd a registered domain suffix?

This documentation may help:

Problems when KeePass can’t determine a domain name using the PSL

Controlling minimum URL match accuracy for an entry

Hi, maybe the setting “Kee → URLs” could help you. Open every *.ndd entry and go to this setting and choose the option “Hostname: The URL must match…”

Sorry for the delay to reply. Quite busy for the moment.

To luckyrat, yes, ndd is a registered domain suffix. Thank you for the documentation.

To wedeen, you are right. I have just checked all the *.ndd entries and it appears that some have the option activated and some don’t. Probably because I use kee for years now and depending how entries was created (new or duplication) this option was validated or not thus making a big mess at the end.
I have corrected entries as suggested and all is fine now.

Problem solved.

Thanks to both of you.