Convinient way to unlock Keepass via Kee

Hey there.

Just discovered that great FF-extension / KP-Plugin, but i am not sure if i am using it optimal. Before using Kee i used the auto-type Feature of Keepass triggered via a shortcut. That makes me enter my master-password (or in my case scanning my fingerprint or my fido2-stick).
But now with Kee my KP-Database is of course locked in the background and everytime i want to use Kee i need to manually unlock keepass in some kind of way, which now means to bring KP in foregorund, unlock, switch back to the browser. This ist very unconvinient.
The simplest solution is to keep the KP-DB open in the background but that is not the security level i want to achieve.
So my question is: Is there a more convinient way to unlock keepass and automatically switch back to browser and enter credentials into the desired website?

How are you doing it?

I don’t see such problems.
If KeePass is locked I enter Alt-Gr-K to bring it to front and enter my quick unlock password.
After this KeePass goes automatically in the background as configured
and the web page is displayed again with the data entered by the Kee plugin.

Windows 11 Home x64 Version 22H2 (OS Build 22621.1495)
KeePass 2.53

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That was helpful. I didnt knew that shortcut as well as i didnt knew that special config parameter within “interface/main windows” settings.
Thank you for your input.