Contacting Support

I’m an MSP in America using KeePass and noticed the Kee plugin. I’d like to be able to set up KeePass for clients and offer the ability for them to use KeeVault. Is there a way I can talk to a sales rep or account manager to answer some questions and see how i can work with Kee Vault to accomplish my goals?

Best thing to do is try out Kee Vault yourself first if you haven’t already. After using it for a little while you should get a good understanding of what’s already possible and we can then see if there are any obvious challenges to you reaching your goals.

We’re a small new company and focussed on personal password management rather than enterprises so there’s no sales reps or account managers to speak of - I’m the best you’ll get right now and I am definitely not a salesman :laughing:

If your clients needs are met by Kee Vault then I could potentially bring forward a rough plan that I have to introduce an affiliate/referral scheme if that’s the sort of approach you’re thinking of.

If their needs are not likely to be met by Kee Vault in its current form, I’m happy to consider developing improvements if they will be beneficial to our main customer base; the priority I could give to that work would depend at least in part upon some sort of financial incentive but we should start by just getting a clearer idea of what you’re trying to achieve.

If you discuss your needs on this forum then the community may already know some of the answers or express support for your ideas. If it looks like there’s a mutual benefit of working together on a specific project then I’m happy to discuss via private messages on this forum and we can see where to go from there but I would prefer if the broader and non-commercially-sensitive questions and initial discussions occur in public so that others can benefit too.

What’s does MSP mean in this context?