Constant refresh

If I have kee enabled my browser keeps refreshing/reloading if I disable kee it stops

same issue on - whenever I put the login into a group Kee watches, the login page almost immediately begins a constant refresh loop that can not be stopped without closing the tab, moving the login back out, or disabling Kee.
Kee on Firefox 59.0.1 (but previous versions since Quantum have had the same issue, pre-Quantum I have not checked), KeePassRPC running on KeePass 2.38. the problem isn’t localised to one device, I’ve seen it happen on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 all x64. have yet to try any sort of Linux distribution but I have a strong suspicion that this isn’t OS linked.

I started having this problem recently. There was another page earlier, which I forget, but now I had to fight it at

Seems to be related to form automatic fill when Kee selects login information. I have Finnish UI, so the setting says “Kun Kee valitsee sopivan kirjautumistiedon tavalliselle lomakkeelle”. I have selected only to fill, not post, but somehow it ends up reloading the page. Reloading stops when I change it to do nothing.

I have Firefox Quantum 65.0.2 (64-bittinen), Kee 2.5.6 plugin, KeePassRPC 1.8 and KeePass 2.41.

Duplicate of this topic?