Confused about v3.5 workflow


the new Firefox plugin dialog v3.5 just doesn’t work for me. It performs its task if an entry is already in the database (auto fill-in), but that’s about it.

In the past, when I had to change the password of a site, I just proceeded to log in with the new password. Afterwards I called up the plugin, which asked whether I wanted to update the existing entry or create a new one. I chose “update” and that was that.

Where is this update-prompt now? I can’t create a new entry with the new password ("+" button), because the plugin refuses to replace the old entry. This dialog is non-responsive, I can’t do anything in there except for closing and starting over.

Of course I can manually edit the entry in KeePass, but how can I do the update without entering the new password again?

Next, how do I delete an entry? For example, I went through the tutorial at Now, how do I remove the entry from my database again (using the plugin, not working manually with the database in KeePass?)

I assume these functions are burried somewhere in the new interface. Could somebody please show me where?


You can edit the recently submitted password of an existing entry by clicking on the edit button on that entry in the Kee interface. Obviously a few websites prevent password managers from working correctly in this regard but that’s rare and has not changed with Kee 3.5.

I’m not sure what this means. Perhaps there is a bug on your system? Can you explain more details how to reproduce the non-responsive behaviour?

Next, how do I delete an entry?

Kee has never offered the ability to delete an entry and we have no plans to do so. It’s an operation with far too many implications, complications and risks for a user, for something that is done extremely infrequently so this must be done from within Kee Vault or KeePass.