Coastal Credit Union form filling stopped working

This site has worked for me a really long time without issues but suddenly stopped working a few weeks ago. I tried playing around with different settings and am having no luck. The appearance of the page hasn’t changed, but obviously they did something to the code. I tried explicitly setting the user/pass IDs in KeePass and also tried various inclusions/exclusions in the plugin, but I can’t get Kee to detect the logon page. Interestingly, Kee does detect the password reset screen and lost password screens without issue, so I’m guessing the weird drop-down login menu thing they are doing is the cause of the issues. In the past I would have to manually “find matching logins” sometimes but that has stopped working.




I fixed this by changing the exclusions to remove “query.” I don’t know why, “query” doesn’t show up in the DOM, so I suspect javascript shenanigans by the site. But that’s a guess.


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Yeah I would also guess that a field with that name is included at some point but has been removed by the site javascript before you searched the DOM. Thanks for letting us know how you fixed it.