Clipboard reading permission

why the plugin would like to sneak-peek into my clipboard data on Chrome?

Requesting both clipboard permissions allowed us to work around bugs in web browsers when the extension was first converted to a WebExtension (including support for Chrome). I have not recently investigated whether these bugs have been fixed in the versions that we now support. If they have, and if we can be confident that viewing the clipboard will not soon enable benefits such as timed automatic clearing of passwords that we write onto the clipboard, we may be able to request only the support for writing to the clipboard in some future version.

Another area to investigate is whether there is now sufficient cross-browser support for optionally enabling these permissions. That certainly wasn’t the case last year but we can hope that in future it may be possible to allow a user to opt in to these permissions only if they wish to utilise features such as generating new passwords, copying values to the clipboard or automatically clearing copied passwords from the clipboard. To be honest, I’m not convinced that this approach will be able to provide a sufficiently high quality user experience for most people since at least some of these features are pretty fundamental to the entire purpose of the extension, but I am willing to explore the possibilities again when enough time is available to do so.

Given all those factors, and that the source code is open for everyone to see that nothing dodgy is occurring, I’ve not prioritised any changes to this area recently but it is on my radar for the future.

much appreciated for such a detailed answer, as of now there is only binary logic like you use the plugin with that permission allowed, if you don’t want to enabled the permission you will end up with completely disabled plugin, tricky

See Kee version 3.9 - we’re now removing the permission.