Change login email

Is it possible to change my email for login?
I changed my user email and logged out of the vault, but i still need to use my original email for login.


Please can you explain in more detail what you mean?

It’s not possible to change the sign-in email address - it is used to create an account tied to that address, to ensure no-one else can take control of your account.

If you’re still in the free trial period, you might find it easiest to export your Kee Vault as a KeePass (kdbx file) and then re-import it to a new account created using the new email address. I can provide some more detailed instructions on how to do that if it would help?

If you’re on a paid subscription then you could either do the same as above just before your subscription is about to renew, or we would need to explore if there are some other options that won’t risk the security of your account.

I just wanted to change my sign-in email and use a email alias that i dont use elsewhere.
But its ok, i can continue using my current email.
Thanks for the quick reply.