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I am using Chrome with the Kee add-on. I have 2 different password databases (A and B). The KeeVault will always connect to the same DB (A) even if I open Keepass with the other one (B).

If I open Keepass with both A and B, KeeVault indicates “you are connected to 2 password databases. A is active” [next to the Lock icon].

How can I change the DB on which Kee is connected?


Select the desired database tab in KeePass.

As long as you have the “Search all open Kee Vaults and KeePass databases” setting enabled, the active database should have minimal (or even zero) effect anyway. It previously also affected which database a new entry got saved into but you can choose from any connected database now.

Hello. Thanks for your answer.

The thing is that I am now using only one DB. But Kee remains connected to the previous one. I don’t find how to change.

If you can see the attached pic: Keepass is connected to “isabelle” while Kee Vault is connected to “EDLS”.


Kee Vault shows the name of the database, not the file name. Please check that the Isabelle KDBX file has a unique database name.

Also never run more than one KeePass instance at the same time. If you are using multiple local Windows users on your computer, make sure you read about that on this forum and configure custom ports for each user.

This is the part I was missing: the second database was initially created from the first one. Both DB had the same name. Even if the file had been renamed.

I changed the DB settings and it works fine.

Thanks a lot

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