Can't login on Launchpad via Kee

As the title says, every time i try to log in on via Kee, it says: bad bot, go away.
When i start firefox without kee, it works pretty fine.
Is this error caused by kee? - If yes, how can i solve this?

Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon
Firefox 57.0

Thanks @TobiX

Sorry for the delay @Himen

In cases where Kee fills in fields that it shouldn’t, it’s often possible to fix this by editing the list of fields in the KeePass entry (Kee tab > Form fields) - just delete the fields that don’t need to be there.

Sometimes that doesn’t work if Kee thinks that the main username or password needs to go into the wrong field on the login form but that is very rare.

Probably worth re-saving the login form using the latest version of Kee first anyway since some improvements have been made since 2.0 which may affect this site.

It works now after I had deleted the entry in the database and let kee save the new login to the database.

Thanks for helping.