Cannot get Kee to save site or populate email address

I am trying to create a record in KeePass that Kee can use to populate the email address for

When I inspect the element, it looks like the ID is “Your email address”. I have tried the class name also in the Kee Name form field tab.

when I manually enter the email, I am never prompted to save the password (The option never shows in the Kee Menu). Is there a hotkey to press to force the save dialog?

I have tried this is Chrome and Firefox.

I’m currently working on the improvements to allow saving passwords when no form submission can be detected. Perhaps this will help on this specific website - although I don’t have time to initiate a thorough investigation of the site right now, I’ll keep it in mind as an example to look into as we roll out to wider beta testing of the new password saving feature.

See Entry (password) saving improvements coming soon

PS: The element has no id - the text you mention is a placeholder