Can I limit the maximum number of cycles for a Login

Sometimes Keepass runs amok beause he tries to login on a subpage or if myy login changed and Keepas stores the old password. On every refres Keepass again enter username and password. It’s a kind of infinite loop.

I wish to set a max count of tries for a login per credential.

You could disable auto-submit for the entry that is not successfully signing-in, or potentially disable it for all entries if you prefer to control when the credentials are submitted.

It would be a really cool feature to be able to detect when a website is rejecting a sign-in attempt and therefore limit the number of automatic submit attempts and/or display some sort of warning message. I think it would take many months or even years to implement reliably though so is probably not feasible. A simple counter might work but it is difficult to know reliably when we should reset the counter so I don’t expect it to be an entirely trivial feature. I’m not sure there would be any need for the maximum count to be set per credential would there?