BUG: Kee resets the Favicon by updating an existing entry

I have found out that Kee resets the favicon if you update an existing entry which has already the right favicon.

Ist it possible to check first, if the entry has a favicon assigned?
Otherwise it would be better if the update mechanism does nothing with the favicon.


The update mechanism is designed to update the favicon. There’s no way for it to know whether you want to keep the old favicon or not so it always updates it to the latest one.

I think that in most cases people would want the favicon to be updated at the same time as updating other parts of the login. If you prefer to manually manage every favicon in your database and therefore do not want the latest one from the website installed, you should be able to disable saving favicons entirely but a quick look through my local source code suggests that no longer works so unfortunately that probably won’t help in the short term.

You should find that KeePass retains the old favicons though so if you prefer the old logo for a website you can always edit the entry from within KeePass and switch back to the one you like better.

I share your opinion. I don’t know, if there is a chance to get out if the icon is default or changed. But isn’t it possible to get out, if the update was succesfull or not? If the new favicon could not be downloaded, don’t change the existing favicon.

Unfortunately, creating the Favicon does not work during the update or by creating new entries.
There is another Thread especially for this issue here: keepass-2-4-0-favicons-when-creating-new-passwords
For some sites it is working when click on “Download Favicon” in the KP database.
I am using “Yet Another Favicon Downloader”, which is working on some situations where the other Plugin brings errors.
Perhaps a look at it helps to discover improvements.

Thank you for your work

If I disable the saving favicon in Firefox RPC Options, the favicon gets resettet when the entry is updated by Kee. Can anybody confirm this?

Hello @luckyrat

despite the saving favicon option is disabled, everytime when I upate an existing entry and if the plugin is not able to catch the favicon, the entry will be resettet to the standard Keepass Icon. Can you check if disabling this option works as designed? Thank you

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