[BUG] Kee breaks mailchimp


When creating a Mailchimp campaign and trying to change the “name” of the campaign, Kee will constantly overwrite my campaign name with my Mailchimp username. Whenever I input a letter, it gets overwritten by my username.

So it’s impossible to build campaigns with Mailchimp.

Workaround : removed the “url” part of my login/password entry so that Kee would no longer use it.

Other solutions to this are, in increasing order of complexity:

  1. Disable Auto-Fill for the specific entry that causes problems - that way you can still access the password on-request when you need to log in.
  2. Select a more specific URL in the entry - e.g. enable strict matching to the home page or login page where you always sign in from; or install a block URL for the specific page for which you don’t want Kee to match the KeePass entry.
  3. Create a site-specific setting in Kee which blacklists some unique identifier for the campaign form or it’s form fields.

There’s lots of information about how to do this in topics on this website and the old KeeFox manual (wiki).

Most likely Mailchimp has form names or IDs which make it look like the campaign form is a login form. It’s highly unlikely that we’ll be able to exclude it from being considered a login form without also blocking legitimate login forms but it’s always good to hear of specific examples of problematic websites so that any future work in this area can take that in to account.

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