Bug: Ebay with Keepass and Firefox Extension "Kee"

Hi there,

problem: If you call ebay sometimes the Kee-Extension doesn’t sugggest my given username (nor password - which is on the “next” page). Sometimes it shows, sometimes it doesn’t. Maybe it has something to do with different ID’s on the login-field. Ebay it’s the only page (of dozens) that has this problem.

System: Windows 10 (newest updates)
Browser: Firefox 91.0.1 64 bit (newest updates)
Keepass: 2.48.1 64 bit (newest updates)
Kee Firefox Extension: 3.9.5 (newest updates)


I found out that the ID (and classes) are the same in both cases, but the URL differs.
1st Works: https://signin.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll
2nd Doesn’t work: https://www.ebay.com/signin/s

Weirdly ebay sometimes redirects user to 1st URL.

Anyway I don’t know why 1st URL works, and 2nd URL does not.

ebay.com should be considered a “Domain” so as long as you’ve not customised the configuration for your entry (or all entries) there should be no difference in behaviour between the pages. Check that you have the entry’s minimum match URL set to “Domain”.

If that’s already configured, you may be having a problem due to something blocking KeePassRPC from downloading the latest list of domains - see Problems when KeePass can’t determine a domain name using the PSL