Blank corresponding entries


I use Keepass with firefox last release and Kee.
Since few days, when there are corresponding entries, I cannot use them because the corresponding entries box is empty.
Is there a way to correct that ?
Thanks for your help.

What is the version number of your Firefox and Kee?

Is the Matched entries dialog box entirely white?

Does it happen on all websites?

Does it make a difference whether you invoke the dialog box by clicking on the Kee icon in a form field, the main icon in the browser toolbar or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+2?

You could try enabling debug logging in Kee options and then look in your browser console for any useful information. Unfortunately the new version of Firefox separates different parts of the log into different console views so it’s a little difficult to get a coherent debug log for sharing at the moment.

Firefox is 58.0.2 64bit
Kee is 2.2.9

When it happens, the matched entries box is there with the heading and the close button, but the list is empty. It does not make any difference if I click on the icon in the form field. Keyboard shortcut ctrl+shift+2 does not work at all. Maybe because my keeboard is azerty.

Further to your request I have tested with other websites and it works fine. This seems to happen with one site only. But I have not tested all (!)

Sorry but I do not find a debug logging in Kee options.

Don’t worry about the logging. As I say, it’s a big effort to find and share the right logs anyway so it’s usually much easier for someone (like me) to reproduce the problem on a machine that’s already set up for developing Kee.

If you let me know which site has the problem, I can see if the same thing happens on my computer.

Maybe because my keeboard is azerty.

Might be yeah. Or possibly you have other add-ons installed which conflict with Kee’s keyboard configuration (unfortunately Firefox 57+ has poor support for keyboard shortcuts in comparison to version 56 and lower).

The site I am speaking about is solved by my own DNS server and is only accessible from my private network. Thus, it would be of no help if I give you the url.
The problem is it works at random with kee.
Just now, I have open a page with the said url and the matched entries was empty. Then I have open a new page with the same url within the same firefox session, and then the matched entries are OK ! That’s unpredictable.
So once it happens, I have to close the page and open a new one to get (or not) the matched entries working. I have no idea on what can cause such a strange behaviour.