Blacklisting fields without name or id attributes


Thanks for the great extension and your work :slight_smile:

LinkedIn has been bothering me for quite some time, as it’s search input field is generated without any name nor id attributes:

  class="search-global-typeahead__input always-show-placeholder"

It’s quite annoying as it triggers a popup search menu everytime I switch to the “My Network” tab.

I haven’t found a way to blacklist it from Kee. It seems there is no form element anywhere in the parent hierarchy, so I don’t even know why it’s picked up. For some reason, the same field is not picked up by Kee on other tabs, and only when switching to “My Network”.

Any ideas?


Some of the improvements in Kee 3.6 might alter this behaviour somewhat (even if just to make the annoyance more consistent!)

Kee groups together all form fields that are not included in a real form so that it can work with a number of badly written websites that fail to use HTML correctly. Thus, this search input field is considered as part of a form that contains all of the other fields on the page. Depending upon the rest of the fields available on the “My Network” tab and how they structure their actual sign-in form, you may be able to use this to your advantage by blacklisting based upon the id or name of a different form field.

If that doesn’t help and the upgrade to Kee 3.6 doesn’t help, let us know because there are still a number of other things we can try to improve in this area so it would be good to get more information about what features to prioritise for 2021.

Thanks for the answer. Indeed, there is another independent input field on the same page, also not included in any form and also picked up by Kee:

  class="mn-abi-form__input artdeco-text-input--input"
  placeholder="Your email address"

This input field is used by LinkedIn not for logging in but for registering an address book and importing its contacts.

Blacklisting email works as expected, neither field being picked up after that.


Sorry for updating a relatively old thread, I wanted to mention that the 3.6 update did not fix the issue (for the specific linkedin page at least), the fix provided by Skymirrh is still needed but it works fine. (Tested in 3.8.10 on Firefox/Windows 10).

Thank you for your work on the extension!

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