Blacklist only 1 input field

There’s a specific website.

If I’m correct, everything is in 1 form. The search field and the login fields are in the same form. I thought I can blacklist the search input, but it will blacklist the whole form. Now Kee will fill the username into the search field and somehow it fills the password into the right field. I’ve tried to add the id and the name of the username field to the whitelist but result is the same as before.

Could somebody help me?

You shouldn’t need to use the whitelist or blacklist in this situation.

Most of the time you can configure the individual entry field to get filled into the correct place (id and name = loginbox_username in this case). Getting Kee to save the entry in the first place is usually the quickest way to get this configured correctly.

Thanks, I figured out somehow.

To help others: you have to open your Keepass, open the proper entry, goto Kee tab, go to the Form fields tab, edit the proper field and add Name / Id.