Beta testing Kee Vault 2

To get the latest features and bug fixes first, consider joining the Kee Vault 2 beta testing “program”.

Joining / installing

Apple / iOS

Join using Apple TestFlight

Apple requires you to install their TestFlight app first, if you don’t already have it for beta testing other apps.

This beta testing program only lasts for up to 90 days at a time. We will not always provide a replacement for test versions that reach their “expiry date”. If your test version reaches its expiry date and no newer version is available for beta testing, you’ll need to install the latest version from the App Store and sign in to your Kee Vault account using that version. You can optionally re-install the beta version in future if you want to rejoin the beta testing program after we release a new version for beta testing.

Google / Android

Join using Google Play

This beta testing program will usually be operational but there are limited spaces available so you won’t always be able to join.

Important notes about beta testing

You can swap between the “normal” and beta testing version, and vice versa without any impact on your…

  • Kee Vault data
  • Kee Vault account subscription if you are on Android but the situation is more complex for Apple users.

Apple App Store

You will not be charged for purchases but they will only function for a few hours and your account will stop working soon after that.

If you try this and end up with a broken account, you can try to wait until the final version is released in the App Store and then subscribe for real (we haven’t been able to test this yet to verify it works). Alternatively, you may be able to sign into your account using a different platform and pay for a new subscription there (you should be able to get the usual free trial still but let us know if you have any trouble and we can try to help and ensure you’re not losing out financially by trying to help us with this beta testing, although it could take a long time for us to resolve the problem for you). You won’t get any of the usual emails from Apple confirming your (fake/free) purchase through TestFlight either.

If you want to register for a new Kee Vault account before the official release of the iOS version, please use an Android device or desktop web browser (Kee Vault v1) instead. Or wait until the official release to start your subscription. We expect that Apple’s restrictions will not prevent you from accessing an existing Kee Vault account on the iOS beta no matter where you created your subscription but we’ll update our documentation when we can confirm that this holds true even for other (non-TestFlight) purchases on iOS.

Google Play

Your Google Play subscription is interchangeable between the beta version of the app and the “normal” version. No matter which version you use to purchase a new subscription, you can manage the subscription (and of course access your Vault) from either the “normal” or beta version.

Unlike with Apple, we expect all subscription purchases made in the Google Play beta to be chargeable at the normal rate.