Batch KeePass entry changes

the problem I have with kee is that my emails are not in the “username” field but in the “advanced” window “string fields -> email”
but I admit I don’t want to change all of them again is it possible in the options to do it for each entry?
(as in form fields…)

ps: sorry for the spelling, self translation from French to English
thank you for your answer

That’s outside the scope of Kee so you’ll need to look for another way to make that change using KeePass.

See if there is a plugin that can help or use the XML Replace feature.

If you need help with any of that, please search/ask on the KeePass support forum since they’ll be better able to help you to manipulate the data in your KeePass database.

In case it’s not clear, Kee can work with the standard Username and Password fields in the KeePass entry for many websites, so there would be no need to get the data into the more advanced Form Fields on the Kee tab in the KeePass entry.