Auto-fill not working on Google Account



I have searched this forum and the internet for half an hour and tried several options myself - to no avail. I would appreciate your pointers a lot!

  1. in Firefox 64 (or 65b) go to
  2. get redirected to where you should fill in your email or phone and click ‘next’
  3. choose auto-fill for an account (through the hotkey or the icon)
    Result: the link ‘Forgot email?’ gets activated and the page “Enter your phone number or recovery email” is shown

When I manually enter an e-mail address and click ‘Next’, choose auto-fill, it does enter the password but then activates the ‘reveal password’ icon instead of submitting.

I feel silly for apparently being the only one with this problem. Have I changed a weird setting somewhere to make me the only one with this problem?

  • In ‘Edit Entry’ > ‘Kee’ > ‘Form fields’ I have tried to set the username as name=identifier, Id=identifierId page=1, password name=password page=2. Unsurprisingly, to no avail.
  • Kee doesn’t offer to store a new password when I remove an account and manually log in to Google.
  • I tried both Dutch and English login pages.


The same happens to me since some days ago