Auto fill makes login form unusable

When Kee tries to fill in the information, it removes the textboxes and login fails

When Kee is off:
puu . sh/AG0ba / 3c88610c1e.png

When KeePass is on:

This makes logging in annoying.
It only occurs on the site from codeproject

Sorry if this is on the wrong location, github said that I had to put it first on the forms, and had to do it this way because of limitations (pictures and links) ??

It’s the right place.

The limitations are numerous and varied, often around features relating to post management and notifications (e.g. splitting topics, community editing/moderation, better search results / related topics, private messaging, control over email digesting, etc.).

Pictures and links are typically a bit easier to work with here too but that’s not a massive factor, although it seems like only one of your images was included (maybe you pasted in the link rather than the image itself or something like that).

Perhaps because of the missing image, at the moment it’s not really clear to me what the problem is.

sorry for late reaction, I forgot that I posted here something, but the other picture is here. this is the original form without keepass logged in

in the first post picture is the page when keepass IS logged in
and when keepass is logged in I cannot login on codeproject (sign in button works, but no info got send)

this link was also posted with a lot of spaces to escape the filter