Authorise new connection window keeps popping up

Lately (probably past month or two), this window has been randomly popping up, as well as whenever I launch KeePass (typically I’ll go weeks without rebooting and therefore with KeePass and other programs running, including the browser, though that gets restarted more frequently due to other issues, and the popup will randomly come up here and there anyways). I’ve checked the troubleshooting guides, and the strange thing is even though it’s showing this window telling me to authorise, I’m not getting anything in the browser (Waterfox) to do so. IOW, Kee/Keepass is giving me a code as if it’s not authorised, but the browser/extension are not asking for it. Furthermore, Kee still works normally, indicating that it is in fact authorised, which is also shown by checking the authorisations, which are not expired.

Is there another user signed in to your machine at the same time? Or some other browser running? Or Thunderbird perhaps.

No. I have another user account for network shares, but it’s not logged in, and I have multiple browsers that I use, but this happens even when just Waterfox is running.

I had a very similar issue - turned out that I was running Chrome in the background and it was triggering the request.

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That was it. It was Brave, but running in the background, hence why I didn’t think of it. Not sure if it’s possible, but if the authorisation window could say what browser it’s trying to authorise, that would be really helpful.

I’ve been having a similar issue. But the pop happens only when windows either goes to sleep or automatically logs out to the lock screen.

I’m running:

  • windows 10 ltsc with single user login
  • browsers installed are firefox and internet explorer
  • kee is only installed on firefox using the default settings
  • kee vault security setting is set to “medium”
  • kee vault’s renewal count down timer is set to the default (~2000hr)