Authorisation code not accepted - window reappears immediately

Since the beta from today, we are having a strange problem: One Firefox instance is permanently requesting authentication with KeePass ?!?! If we enter the code, another window opens on top of the current and a new code is requested and so on ?!?!?
We have 3 Firefox instances (56.0 64-Bit OpenSuse Leap 42.2) running, but only 1 is showing this ???
Any idea ??
Really annoying …



Click the “Connect” button rather than pressing enter on the keyboard.

… at least until I can add support for the enter button.

If that still doesn’t work please supply a debug log from the browser console.

That works - should have tried that before :frowning:


Well thanks to you not trying it before, the 99% of users that will get the upgrade to Kee 2.0 in the next couple of days will now be able to authorise the connection by pressing enter or clicking on the button :slight_smile: