Android Firefox compatible?


Is there a Kee version for Firefox for Android? How can we access KeePass passwords from Firefox for Android?

Is Kee compatible with KeePassXC?




There is no Kee version for Firefox for Android. Kee won’t be adapted for KeePassXC as the dev is the main contributor of KeePass and not KeePassXC.

But on the smartphone I would strongly recommend you to use keepass2android.
To access the database use the “Share” feature of Firefox and select keepass2android. Switch the keybord with the notification to paste login and password safely.



I have been using KeePass on Firefox for sometime without any problems until KeePass updated to 2.39.1. Now all I get is it cannot open a plugin. I use KeePass with Linux Mint. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Or if anyone can tell me where I can get version 2.38. Everywhere I find that says it is 2.38 only turns out to be version 2.39




Your problem is not related at all with this issue, you won’t have a solution here. So please open a new issue with details of your KeePass/Kee installation (version of KeePass, KeePassRPC, Kee, Firefox, mono and Linux).

And first check that everything is up to date (and that you installed mono-complete) then someone will help you. By the way, I also use Linux and it works well for me.