Always ask Yubikey touch when Kee asks for password?


Sorry for the dumb question, but I am new for Keepass.
I have successfully setup Keepass + KeepassRPC + KeeChallenge + Kee for Firefox.
The Database is created with Yubikey auth.

Now kee works almost ask excepted:
But I would like to add more security: when a website asks for a password from Keepass, I would like to have an extra step: ask for the touch of the Yubikey.

Please help me what option / trigger need to setup to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!


Kee doesn’t do anything special when unlocking KeePass. It just asks KeePass to unlock the database and KeePass tells Kee when this has been done, via the master key dialog that it displays to you. If you have some other plugin installed that changes the way KeePass can unlock your database, you can maybe configure that to deal with your Yubikey requirements.

In any case, it doesn’t sound like this has much to do with Kee so perhaps ask on the KeePass support forum? Or maybe the support forum for whatever KeeChallenge is.