Alter binding of keyboard shortcuts for Chrome/Firefox extensions


After finding an entry in the forums that ‘CTRL + SHIFT + 1-4’ will be able to call the Kee browser extensions, I was wondering if it is possible (yet) to alter the keyboard bindings? For Chrome this should be possible via the ‘commands’ API and with Firefox it should be possible via the ‘Keyboard’ API (which are probably already in use, as keyboard shortcuts are already implemented).

In Firefox you can open your addons page, then via the cog dropdown menu access Keyboard shortcuts management page.

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Thank you for your comment @ljoonal, do you happen to know if there is a similar method for Chrome as well?

On a quick glance at chrome, seems like the same thing can be found from chrome://extensions/'s top left hamburger menu.

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Amazing, I can confirm that the above comments work for both Firefox and Chrome. Additionaly, I can confirm that that the Kee browser extension for Chrome also works with the latest Chromium-based version of Edge (as well as the Edge for Business variant), which also supports modifying the keyboard shortcuts.

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