Advanced help

A week ago, for some reason I was unable to login to Kee Vault. I am using the Mozilla Frefox web browser add on for windows 10.

Now, the only thing which changed was my location.

I was getting a server could not be found mozila page loading error.

I went back home and it worked straight away. This week, accessing a public wifi again I had the same issue. I reverted to hotspot on my mobile and again mozilla kept returning a could not find server error.

Yesterday, after about 15 minutes of being connected, I gained access. The webpage loaded and I was in.

Same today. Today only 7 or 8 minutes later.

Why is mozilla taking 8 plus minutes to load the kee vault add on? Internet connection was working fine.

Can you confirm that the web page that is taking this long for you is ?

And you are using the same device from both locations?

It’s normal for web servers to be undiscoverable for a few seconds or minutes after switching networks so that might explain the error after you switched to your mobile hotspot.

Yes it is that url - I click the icon in the firefox section top right but ive confirmed that url is where its trying to take me. Sometimes its taking 15 minutes or so. Other times a few minutes. Right now in Toby Carvery, straight away but this morning in Mc Donalds using th wifi there for 30 minutes and could not open despite using the net for everything else.

Yes using the same device.

I tested in McDonalds and found no problem connecting to Kee Vault. I also can’t see any problems on the various worldwide monitoring tools that would alert me if there is a large section of the internet unable to connect so I hope that whatever was causing the issue has now resolved itself.

If not, there are many hundreds of possibilities at this stage including:

  • configuration problems with your device
  • misconfigured network blocks/firewalls on some WiFi networks (I would expect McDonalds to be the same setup in every UK branch but I might be wrong and it might be different in other countries)
  • misconfigured or insecure device or wifi network proxies (Kee Vault requires the highest possible security connection whereas the majority of websites can fall back onto less secure connections and therefore keep working in insecure environments)

It’s also worth you checking that you are accessing Kee Vault in a browser configuration that supports offline access; unless you have told Firefox to clear private data regularly or use a private browsing window, these sorts of network failures should simply mean that you will sign in to the offline copy of your Kee Vault so you can read and change your passwords without seeing any “web page failed to load” errors.


I had followed a custom install of the firefox browser listed on restoreprivacy . something or other. using the config settings. I re-installed the browser to its default and no issues since.