Add option to disable the "copy password" or "copy username"

Hi I’d love to have an option to disable the “copy password” or “copy username” when filling forms 2018-06-12_11h24_52

That user interface probably should be improved at some point anyway, but I’m interested in why you would like to disable this feature?

Are you looking to control this behaviour for individual entries?

Hi, I’ve deployed Keepass with the keepassrpc plugin for my users (company ~35 users), to get rid of the password browser storage and password on some sheet of paper.

The thing is we have a department with many part-time job people and these people need to have access on some of the company’s account. We decided to disable many features of Keepass fot them like copying entries to clipboard or unhide password so that the password ‘‘shows’’ up only when the Keepassrpc fill some forms.
The only way for them to get the password is by this feature.

Thanks for the useful context.

Are you able to use some policies to prevent users modifying their Kee browser settings?

If not, and maybe even if yes, we could consider enhancing KeePassRPC to pass along relevant policy information that is enforced within KeePass rather than introducing an independent option to Kee. It sounds like that at least in your case, automatically disabling the Kee feature when KeePass has a restrictive policy set would have been the ideal behaviour.

We’ll need to give some thought to how these settings across Kee and KeePass will interact in order to ensure the most secure solution and I suspect the new corporate policy management options in Firefox 60 might be something worth learning about as part of that research.