2 Issues - too long Username and constantly reloading logon screen


I just started using Keepass + Kee and for most websites it works great. But I came across 2 isses which I’m so far unable to solve

1: The login name for my homebanking account never gets filled into the login field, Kee just fills in a 0. The user name is 16 characters long, maybe there is some issue when filling in longer user names?

  1. When trying log into my universities mail account, I can’t use Kee at all. Kee constantly reloads the page. The user name + password ist properly filled in. But I’m unable to login in, because enabling Kee makes the page constantly reload all the time. I’ve disabled auto-type in KeePass and tried some other properties, but so far nothing worked for this e-mail login.

With all other logins, ~20 so far, Keepass + Kee work great. I just dont know how to solve these 2 isses!