Voluntary Subscription for Kee Browser extension

I have been using the Kee browser extension for quite some time and like KeeVault. But for me it is missing the Keefile feature of KeePass.
I would still like to support Kee with regular payments (and have donated in the past). But it’s easy to forget.
Could you possibly set up a subscription similar to the one for KeeVault since the Infrastructure is there anyway?
Even better would be a possibility to send part of that subscription to the KeePass project.
I wouldn’t even mind it being a proper payment instead of a “donation”.
@luckyrat I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

A few others have also expressed a desire for key file support (2FA) but I don’t see any benefit to it at the moment - if anything it would add unnecessary complexity. There’s a topic about it where I’m hoping that people can explain in more detail what it is that I am not seeing so please consider adding your insights there. If I can be shown a proven benefit to the feature, it will be implemented in some form or another.

I need to find out if Kee Vault is going to make enough money to keep me employed on this project in the long run before I commit to any alternative pricing models. I am hopeful that I’ll earn enough money to be able to send some ad-hoc donations to the KeePass project one day, although I can see the benefit of a more explicit split since it offers more transparency to the people making the contributions.

That said, at the moment there is a 100% transparent way to split donations between Kee and KeePass - subscribe to Kee Vault and make a donation to KeePass.

The latter has complete flexibility about how much to donate, although I don’t think there is a regular payment option.

Kee Vault costs a fixed amount per month or per year (cheaper annually due to reduced financial processing fees) but I did price it to a level that is so low that I feel it’s within reach of all Kee users, regardless of whether they choose to actually store any passwords in Kee Vault. There are some minor additional considerations with signing up for Kee Vault only as a way to donate for Kee but broadly speaking, paying for a Kee Vault subscription is conceptually the same as a voluntary subscription for just the browser extension.

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