Using Kee Vault for information other than usernames/passwords

Now that I am almost clear with these aspects, where can I find basic information on dealing with credit card and payement using KeeVault 2 on my Android smartphone ?

Thanks again for your assistance.

Thanks for your help.

I think I was not clear in my previous and last question.

I am wondering whether there is a specific way of using KeeVault to store and manage credit card informations, instead of just passwords.

More generally, it seems it is possible to use KeeVault to store and manage other type of information, different from just username and password : I am such a beginner in using KeeVault that I need some simple guide to use KeeVault, which I could not find in the community forum.

Thanks again for your assistance.

Both Kee Vault 1 and 2 allow you to create custom fields to store additional data, such as credit card numbers, PINs, door access codes, etc. Depending on your preference, you could also choose to store that information in the Password field but that might be more difficult to maintain many years down the line.

To create a custom field in Android, create or open the entry you want to add it to and then click on the + button in the bottom right. You can then choose to add a new field, give it a name and then type in the information. You can then set the field as “Protected” (like a password) using the “field menu” (3 dots next to the field).

We don’t offer any specialist support for these types of information since we are focussed on perfecting password management rather than the wider subject of all types of secret information. So we won’t do anything like autofilling a form field that looks like it might be expecting you to type a credit card number, for example.

To get the information into a form field (such as a checkout page asking for a credit card number) just copy the field value to the clipboard and then paste it into the form field. Exact steps for copy/pasting vary a bit between different devices but it’s a standard feature in all Android phones, typically you can paste by long-pressing on the field you want to paste into. To copy the value from a Kee Vault entry, the quickest way is to press on the “field menu” (3 dots next to the field) and click the “Copy” button.

There is some documentation on the community forum - Topics tagged documentation - but we haven’t gone through every possible task one might want to achieve with Kee Vault since we try to spend our effort making the app itself intuitive enough that it is faster to work out how to do something in the app itself, rather than reading about it here first. This topic of storing things other than credentials is probably a good candidate for having some more detailed documentation on the forum so we’ll see if we can expand on this a bit and tidy it up into a more definitive guide with screenshots perhaps.

Thanks for posting the question and please do let us know if this has helped, or if anything in particular could be made clearer.

Thanks a lot for this very comprehensive return.
I will work on it.

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I’ve created documentation about this topic here: Storing additional information in Kee Vault custom fields