Tor browser is broken

Hi, there is a problem with the new Tor Browser Version 8.5. It changed to x64 with that version.

The problem is that now Kee does not notice anymore when KeePass is running, so you cannot link them together anymore. Its basically broken since that Tor Browser Version.

Any idea what is wrong?
Are other ppl experiencing this as well?
Or is this not anymore in kee’s interest since the start of keevault?

The port is configured the same as in keepass.
It seemed like it did work in between, but now with the next update 8.5.2 it stopped working again.
Or maybe I was still using a pre 8.5 version on this computer before updating.

Tor has never been officially supported by Kee but since they claim compatibility with Firefox extensions, we’d expect it to work for the most part.

I’m happy to accept code contributions via GitHub to re-enable support if the browser has made some kind of breaking compatibility change compared to Firefox in recent weeks.

I don’t know if anyone else uses Tor but perhaps someone will offer some more information soon.

Also, make sure you’ve followed all the usual troubleshooting advice in case your problem is nothing to do with Tor.

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Thanks. Troubleshoot DID help.
I had to set a proxy exception within Tor to

Apparently either the Tor Browser update to 8.5 removed the old setting, or it was not needed before.