Some drawbacks since the last versions


Since the last updates from Keefox to Kee, some features are not working any more.

  1. No add or mod are taken into account by kee. Although the option is checked in the options, nothing is working and I have to do all changes and add of new entries into Keepass.
  2. This site does not accept auto filling anymore. Is there something to do to correct that ?

Thanks for your help.



Problems remain.
Data is not updated when change occur and Kee do not detect any new entry.
The site here above is still not auto filled.
Any chance to get Kee working as before ?




No progress at all.
Kee is just able to give the corresponding entries. No more.
Keefox was a so marvellous tool. Alas, Kee is far from it and almost useless to me.
What can I do to make it working properly ?


It’s not very clear to me what problems you are having. It seems as though one of your websites behaves differently? That doesn’t sound like enough to make it “useless” to you so I’m sure I’m missing something.

You should start by looking at the troubleshooting guide, especially if there is a specific website you’re finding it difficult to get to work:

Hi Mic13710,

  1. Does Kee recognize well your database ? 'Vous êtes connecté à votre base de mots de passe ‘{FILENAME}’ ’ is displayed under the option button of Kee ?

If no, then I can’t help, be sure that KeePassRPC is well installed.

If yes then :
2. The website use weird name and id for the fields. Try to add LOGIN and PASSWD (I found this by inspecting the fields with Firefox) to the names’ whitelist of Kee in Kee option. Kee doesn’t attempt to fill form where it can’t recognize a username or password fields type.

Hope it helps,


Thanks to both of you for your replies. Sorry for the delay, I have not get any notification.

To luckyrat.
Connection to one of the websites is only one of the problem I face.
I have followed the troubleshooting link and I just come to realise that the previous behaviour of keefox giving the option to save any new entry is not available anymore with kee. We have now to go in the kee menu to ask for this saving in the keepass database. Compared to keefox, this is a major back step in my opinion. I have now to get use of it.
Nevertheless, updating of existing entries does not work. At forth step of the troubleshooting, “Sauvegarder le dernier identifiant” is not available in the key menu. And there is no troubleshooting advice displayed at the top of the page. It looks like kee does not detect changes made in the logins.

To Pantamis
1 - Yes Kee recognise the Keefox database.
2 - I have add the two entries as suggested, but nothing has really improve. I’ll give it a further try in the following days.
Thank you for the suggestion.



Several other people agree with you and we have discussed it in a different topic:

I’m assuming you are referring to the tutorial hosted at

This advice relates to the basics of getting Kee setup and it sounds as though that is not a problem for you. You can see an example of the sort of advice you would get by loading that website when you have KeePass open but no database unlocked.

I think you may be experiencing an issue where your change is being overwritten by the old password by Kee before the form is submitted. I probably introduced this bug as part of the improvements to form filling in one of the recent Kee releases but it will take more time than I have right now to get to the bottom of it.

If I’m right, you should see that when you load step 4, one of two things will happen:

  1. You can click on a “Save latest login” button as expected and the the new password will be listed at the end of the URL displayed in the address bar.
  2. There is no “Save latest login” button and the old password will be listed at the end of the URL displayed in the address bar.

I am able to create the 2nd (buggy) situation by clicking somewhere else on the web page before clicking the submit button or pressing enter to submit the form. If you paste the new password in to the form and press enter before doing anything else, you should see the expected “save latest login” button.

Does that make sense?

Once you’ve seen what I mean on the tutorial web page, have a play with any other page(s) that are not offering you to save an updated password since it is possible that a missing “Save latest login” button could occur for a similar reason on other pages too.

Hi luckyrat

Thanks for your reply.
Yes, I am refering to the tutorial.
At step 4, I am facing the second situation : no “Save latest login” button, but for me it is not the old password but the new one which is listed at the end of the URL.
Anyway, if I press Enter instead of “Validate” button at step 3, then the “Save latest login” button is available. Good thing.
I have tested with few other sites and it seems to work right now. Although I don’t change passwords very often, I’ll continue to monitor the bahaviour of kee in the next weeks/months.

Finally, my main problem was the “quiet” mode. It is quite disturbing compared to keefox. I have now to get use to it. It would be great to have a sort of reminder (popup or else) to update the database.

At last, my problem with the site in my original post remains. This is annoying because I have to log to it almost every day and the only way is by copy/past of the data.

Thanks for your help and for all the efforts you are putting in this marvellous addin. I am looking forward for the next improvements of kee.