Potential feature: Ignore some fields

Needs more detailed use cases and specification.

When logging in using forms with some basic captcha functionality or other fields that change with every login operation, Kee will consider the login entry as different to any others already stored in the database and hence, unless disabled by configuration, will ask the user to save the new password.

Could come up with a blacklist/whitelist system? With pre-populated magic names? (what? “captcha”? etc.)

Also worth thinking about context - e.g. “ignore this field” option?

(imported from https://github.com/kee-org/browser-addon/issues/28 )

I believe blacklisting fields in specific contexts would be a nice and useful addition.

My use case: I have a DokuWiki site on which the move plugin is installed. This adds a Rename page menu option, which executes some JavaScript that opens a pop-up window to ask for the new page name.

The problem is that Kee thinks that the input field is a username (it is defined like <input name='id' ...>) and overwrites the field’s contents (which defaults to the current page’s name with path, as shown in the pop-up’s title. Incidentally, that can’t easily be copy/pasted due to a JavaScript event to move the pop-up around).

I suggest to add an option in Kee’s context menu to ignore the entry (temporarily or permanently), and restore the input field’s initial contents.

Allow me to crossreference - I think this might lead in the same direction: Whitelisting or blacklisting forms