Login as a random real user - not myself

Dear Kee Devs and Community,

I am using Kee 3.0.2 in Firefox 66.0.1 with KeePass 2.41 on Mint 18.3.
I’ve set up everything in that way, that I have to verify on every Firefox start that the plugin is allowed to use my password database. Sometimes after hours or only minutes using Firefox and Kee together in one session, the window for verification opens again. I don’t thing this is an intended behaviour, isn’t it? I consider this as a crash of the plugin. (Might be none, don’t know - Firefox remains fine.)

It is a little bit annoying, however, my main concern is the following: By now, it is the second time after such a ‘crash’ while being logged in on a webservice, that my active session on this service is changed to the one of a different account. To make this clear, it is not a second account of my own, it is an account from a complete stranger with all of their date available to me!

How can this be? Is this a bug in Kee, just one of the webservice or a combination?


There should be advice on dealing with extra KeePass authorisation windows in the troubleshooting guide.

For the issue of being logged in as some other random user, there is nothing Kee can possibly do to achieve this, we just fill in known usernames and passwords; it sounds like a serious bug with the website in question that they should fix immediately before notifying all users that their personal data has been exposed.