KP quit initial install

This is my first time setting up KP, I got through all the hoops, connected to my Onedrive, I then did some surfing, and added two user name/password combo’s, then not 5 minutes later, tried to enter the third and it wouldn’t work, then I noticed there was a tag that said “Off”. I did everything I could but could not get it working again. It is currently still off, and I can find no way of turning it back on. What do I do now?

Also I just noticed a website says you can import other pw managers pw’s, but that “button/block/whatever”, but it is not searchable, and if I remember a different website says that you can’t import, so which is it? How do I import.

I’m running a brand new w10 install, luckily I had my other pw managers backed up, including firefox. Although firefox only has half the pw’s it is supposed to have. The funny part is I lost a bunch of bookmarkds and pw’s just before my pc crashed, restoring backups I still lost a bunch. Please let me know what else you need, or tell me where to go from here. Thank you so much.

Is there still an underlying problem with your computer? (with crashing and needing to restore backups, etc.)

If there are problems with Windows or your hardware, there’s no guarantee an specific program like KeePass, Firefox, Kee, etc. will work correctly.

Also check out the troubleshooting guide since that contains a number of common problems to look for.

You’re importing into KeePass rather than Kee Vault I guess? It can be done in any case; I’ve never heard of any problems or reasons that you would not be able to import but if you can’t get it to work in KeePass, it’s best to ask about that on their support forum rather than here.