KeePassRPC port

KeePassRPC (KPRPC) is the plugin that enables communication between KeePass Password Safe and the Kee browser extension or KeeBird (Thunderbird extension).

This documentation is not relevant for Kee Vault users, unless you know that you are also trying to connect Kee or KeeBird to the KeePass Password Safe password manager.

You can run multiple KeePass and Firefox instances on the same computer, or force some instances of Kee or KeeBird to remain disconnected from your KeePass instance (for instance if you wish to use Kee Vault in your web browser and a KeePass database for Thunderbird).

KeePassRPC listening port

KeePassRPC listens for messages on a particular “port” on your computer, identified by a unique number. By default this number is 12546. Kee/KeeBird know this and therefore can send a message to KeePassRPC. If you want to run multiple instances of KeePass on your computer, or for some other reason wish to adjust the default configuration, you can change the port number.

Set the number in the KeePassRPC options dialog (Under the Tools menu in KeePass).

We recommend using numbers close to the default of 12546 unless you have a good understanding of TCP/IP port ranges.

If you change the port number, you will need to change the corresponding configuration in Kee or KeeBird as explained below.

Kee browser extension

  1. Open the Kee Options page
  2. Go down to the Advanced section
  3. Enter the new port number in the setting called “Communicate with KeePass using this TCP/IP port”

If the port is not set, or set to an invalid number, the default of 12546 will be used.

KeeBird Thunderbird extension

Go to KeeBird Options and select the Advanced tab, then enter a suitable number into the “Communicate with KeePass using this TCP/IP port” box.

If the port is not set, or set to an invalid number, the default of 12546 will be used.

Advanced KeePass configuration options

Rather than using the KeePassRPC Options dialog, you could instead choose one of these advanced configuration methods.

Configuration file

Find your KeePass configuration file and set the port in that file - (while KeePass is closed) insert the following to the <Custom> element:


Command line parameter

e.g. KeePass.exe -KeePassRPCWebSocketPort:00000


Is it possible to change old XUL browser extension IP listen address?

Port option is


What is IP address option?


For what purpose ?
The IP address is always the own local address.