Keefox unexpected error

i received the below error asking me to post it so here it is and following details:
i was opening the browser when i received it and keepass was open
Firefox: quantum 64.0 64 bit
Kee: i dont know where to find it
Keepass: 2.34
security software: bit defender security suite, Kaspersky safe kids

ERROR! Please click on this box, press CTRL-C on your keyboard and paste into a new post on the KeeFox forum ( Doing this will help other people to use KeeFox without any unexpected error messages like this. Please briefly describe what you were doing when the problem occurred, which version of KeeFox, KeePass and Firefox you use and what other security software you run on your machine. Thanks! Technical detail follows: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

at KeePassRPC.KeePassRPCClientConnection.Encrypt(String plaintext)

at KeePassRPC.KeePassRPCClientConnection.Signal(Signal signal, String methodName)


thanks for your developing kee and helping us with it

Make sure you are running the latest version of KeePass and KeePassRPC and that should fix this problem for you.

Seems that the latest versions of Firefox make it a bit harder to find the version number of Kee.

Go to about:addons and click on the “Kee” title/name; then scroll right to the bottom and look for the Version number there.

It’s probably automatically updated (to version 2.4.x) anyway.