Kee with OTP at next page


I succefully discovered the OTP plugins from KeePass 2.x and now wan’t to fully automate my login process.

Problem is the OTP field is in 99% of the cases on the next page and in 98% Kee is not filling up the TOTP.

Here is a example:

Page 1 (Login) Kee is filling up the credentials properly.
Page 2/Sub-Page or what ever JS stuff (OTP) Kee is doing nothing.

I filled up every field:
Name: # I tried also the same value as Id
Id: TwoFactorSecurityCode
Value: {TIMEOTP}
Type: Text
Page: 1 # I tried -2…2 but nothing’s working

What can I do to get it properly filling up my OTP code?

Thank you very much.

Kee won’t try to fill in a form it doesn’t think contains a username or password field. If that’s the cause of this issue, you’ll need to refer to Including or excluding forms.