Kee not active if keepass started after browser startup


I have experienced this issue multiple times. To reproduce:

  1. start firefox 60.2esr browser, Kee icon is shown as OFF. cannot find any entry from Keepass
  2. start Keepass and login. after login, Kee icon in firefox is still OFF and still cannot find any entry from Keepass

the only option is to restart firefox

previous version of Kee on older firefox (52ESR) will automatically identify that keepass is running and change its status from OFF to ON

any way to get Kee to behave like older version?

I’ve recently added more detailed guidelines to the troubleshooting page to provide information about how to get hold of debug logs for connection problems so if you’re still having trouble with this I’d recommend testing with version 3.0 (either now in beta testing or in future when it’s released) and look at the debug logs for clues if it is still not working.

I’ve not been able to reproduce this at any point with any version, although it is potentially worth noting that some system configurations can cause delays of over a minute in the worst case so if you’re (understandably) losing patience and restarting Firefox before then, that might explain what’s happening.