Kee home group preference is not saved

If I set a kee home group (mostly to avoid having multiple useless entry), it works well. But as soon as I save the database, it looks like to setting is forgot.
Any help?

Guys ?
It’s working fine to anyone ??

It works for me.

It’s quite likely this topic contains relevant information: Kee stopped working in Firefox -- and in Chrome

Thanks but I quite sure it’s not the same problem.
I do see all my passwords, and I’d like not to see all of them…

When I choose the kee home group I want, it works well : I see only the entry I want. But if I close or save the database, this setting is forgotten and I see all entrys again.

I hope I’m a bit more clean
Thanks for you help

Then I guess something must be resetting it. Try removing all other KeePass plugins and anything that can modify the kdbx file on disk (like online sync services, etc.)

Indeed !
The culpit was google sync plugin.
Uninstalled, deleted database on server, reinstall did the trick
It’s working !
Thanks a lot

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