Kee don't work on one website


Kee work fine on my browser except on one site.
On this site, the login and the password are empty.
When I click on the Kee icon I see the entry, I select it and it fill the fields but it clean them in the same second.

I use firefox 59.0.2
The website:
(I am on linux)

thanks for your help

You should be able to use the “Matched logins” menu option in the Kee menu rather than clicking on the icon in the form field.

Yah I already do that, other way does not work at all. Any idea why? What exactly is happening?

I think the problem on that website is subtly different from that described by @yaute74 . It appears that it suffers from the problem of an automatic page reload when a language setting is changed (per the similar problems in Infinite page loading loop when Kee auto-fills a login form).

This is the entry that I got when I saved it through Kee:

It’s a mess of hacks and noise that suggests a painful development history for the code behind that website but there’s only really one part of that which Kee struggles with so you can just delete the 2nd field (the one of type “select”) and you should find that it works fine after that.

With the menu it does’nt work, but I modiify manually the 'userame" field in the kee tab in keepass and now it’s work (I modify the id ans the name).